August 2019 

Pracownia Teatru Tańca [Dance Theatre Studio]

Dance Company

Run by Marek Zadłużny, Pracownia Teatru Tańca (PTT, Dance Theatre Studio) operates as part of the Culture and Education Centre in Zielona Góra.It provides a platform for people active in dance and physical theatre.


PTT is a space gathering young artists whose artistic research is centered around dance performing arts and physicality on stage. PTT is an original and independent initiative which attracts dance enthusiasts who fulfill their passions non-professionally, and remains the sole artistic project of its kind in western Poland. The company is characterized by humanistic theoretical reflection on dance, which inspires the group’s artistic achievements. Its members draw from such concepts as Michel Henry’s and Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s corporeal phenomenology, Chris Schilling’s sociology of the body, as well as from other theorists of the phenomenon.


We look for new, experimental solutions for the utilization of movement in theater. Our work is based on movement improvisation, contemporary dance, and contact improvisation techniques. We have worked together since 2010.

We continue to seek new planes of exploration.

We strive to express our times.

We search for an original language which will enable our bodies to speak.

Our idea is to create a universal communication method in which theater meets dance and the physicality of the body.


Projects created by Pracownia Teatru Tańca have been presented and praised at the following festivals:


  • International Artistic Meetings “Experyment” in Zbąszyń (2013, 2014);
  • Open Theatre Meetings in Nowa Sól (2013, 2014); 
  • 1st Lower Silesian Theatrical Meetings “Antrakt” in Legnica; honorable mention;
  • Since 2011, New Year’s Theatre Confrontations POKOT in Zielona Góra and Gorzów Wielkopolski (laureate);
  • National Alternative Dance Theatre Festival in Słupsk (laureate in 2013, 2014);
  • National Contemporary Dance Confrontations in Konin (honorable mention in 2011;
  • Since 2011, National Review of Dance Theatres SPACE in Zielona Góra (laureate and honorable mention);
  • Cottbuser Kunst Tage Festival (2011,2012) - main prize Pegasus in the Dance category;




  • Femini_kan /2010/
  • Anesthesia /2010/
  • Perfect sense /2010/
  • Shells /2010/
  • Chains /2011/
  • Nieodwracalne [Irreversible] /2011/
  • Ptacy [Birds] /2012/
  • Adolescent /2012/
  • Sny [Dreams] /2012/ 
  • Goniąc kormorany [Chasing Cormorants] /2012/
  • Kołysanka [Lullaby] /2012/
  • Strumień [Stream] /2013/
  • Inwersja [Inversion] /2013/
  • Zabawa [Play] /2013/
  • Litania [Litany] /2014/ 
  • Shells /2014/
  • Uterus /2014/


Pracownia Teatru Tańca [Dance Theatre Studio]

Zielona Góra, ul. Dzika 6

tel.: (+ 48) 792 377 337





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