January 2019 
Photo: Witek Orski

Warsaw: Paweł Sakowicz's "Masakra" premiering soon

28 December 2018

On 9-11 January 2019 (7 pm), Nowy Teatr in Warsaw together with the Art Stations Foundation will host the premiere presentations of Paweł Sakowicz’s Masakra [Massacre]. The performance will be presented as part of the choreographic cycle Expanding the Field, and its premiere will be preceded with a lecture by the curator of the cycle, Joanna Leśnierowska, titled Jak zobaczyć taniec. Ćwiczenia w patrzeniu [How to See Dance: Exercises in Looking]. The lecture will be held on 8 January 2019 [7 pm] at Nowy Teatr in Warsaw. Masakra is Sakowicz’s fifth original piece.


About the show: In 1937, the Polish government sent an expedition to Madagascar to explore the possibilities of colonising the island. The expedition was supported by the Maritime and Colonial League, closely linked to the Polish authorities, and promoted the slogan: “like every free nation, Poland deserves to have its own colonies”. However, Madagascar never became a Polish colony.

Sara Bleasdale. Photo: Paweł Wyszomirski

Gdańsk: Partial results of “Residency / Premiere 2019” competition

20 December 2018

Since 2009, the Residency/Premiere programme, organised by Klub Żak, has been held as part of the Gdańsk Dance Festival. This year’s edition of the competition attracted a total of 32 applications, including 10 entries from abroad and 2 late entries. Of the 32 submitted pieces, two were delivered past the deadline and nine failed to meet the formal requirements, resulting in their exclusion from the proceedings. Upon due discussion, the committee composed of: Magdalena Renk-Grabowska – Klub Żak Director, Agnieszka Fortenbach – theatre curator, Paulina Cichosz – theatre curator, and Maria Miotk – theatre curator, has decided to qualify two projects for the residence. The first piece will premiere on 23 February 2019, while the first presentation of the second piece has been scheduled for 13 April 2019. The third and final project selected for the residency (6-19 May) will be announced on 10 January 2019.


Maciej Kuźmiński and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam’s “It's Gonna Rain” tour is now under way

14 December 2018

Commissioned by the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Maciej Kuźmiński’s latest piece, It's Gonna Rain, begins its Dutch tour. Maciej Kuźmiński has been invited co-choreograph a well-known Scapino Ballet Rotterdam mixed-bill evening TWOOLS 2018. The invitation to collaborate with the company followed his success at the 30th edition of the prestigious International Competition for Choreographers in Hannover, where he received the 2nd prize and the Scapino Production Prize for his choreography of Dominique. It’s Gonna Rain is a dynamic piece about people who have to keep standing in a world that never stands still, where technology creates possibilities that are barely comprehensible for people.

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