January 2020 

Ramona Nagabczyńska will perform at PNEU in Salzburg

17 January 2020

On Monday, 20 January 2020 at 6 p.m., Ramona Nagabczyńska will present her solo entitled Body Parts within the 5. Performing New Europe (PNEU) Festival in Salzburg. The Festival has a bi-annual format and encompasses presentations of artists associated with the European Network apap (advancing performing arts project), of which Ramona Nagabczyńska is a part.

Yoshito Ohno in Cracow – “Flower and Bird” rehearsal. Photo: Kamil Krajewski

Yoshito Ohno is dead

9 January 2020

We deeply regret to announce the death of one of the greatest personalities of butoh and dance art – Yoshito Ohno – son of the extraordinary Kazuo Ohno. Yoshito Ohno was born in Yokohama on 15 July 1938. He was the only person, in whose body, the history of the world’s butoh dance that transcends borders and defies any classification, has been so literally and directly stored. On the one hand, he was the son of Kazuo Ohno (1906-2010), from whose spirit he drew inspiration on a daily basis and with whom he began to learn to dance at the age of 13. On the other hand, from the moment he performed in Forbidden Colours [Kinjiki] choreographed by Tatsumi Hijikata (1928-1986), Yoshito Ohno also became his diligent student, thus becoming the heir of two fabulous butoh artists that embodied two divergent creative perspectives.


Commemorating the artist and his visits to Poland.Yoshito Ohno passed away on 8 January 2020. He will remain one of the most important creators and promoters of butoh in the memory of it’s admirers all over the world


New York/Philadelphia: The study visit of Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska and Magdalena Jędra

2 December 2019

We are pleased to inform that on 30 November (Saturday), Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska and Magdalena Jędra began their study visit in New York and Philadelphia. The visit is organised by Movement Research within the GPS/Global Practice Sharing Program in co-operation with Art Stations Foundation and the Institute of Music and Dance. Within the project, the Polish artists will participate in the Movement Research Fall Festival and in the public meeting with other participants of the program – GPS Chats (3 December). They will also have the opportunity to present their practice/work during an evening shared with local artists in the legendary Judson Church (9 December).Following their research residencies in NYC from November 30-December 15, 2019, GPS is supporting a weeklong residency in Philadelphia, PA. After their stay in New York, the artists will go to Philadelphia, where, thanks to the cooperation of Here[begin]dance a.k.a. Zornits Stoyanova Projects in cooperation with Movement Research, the artist will make a one-week study visit. They will conduct free workshops and present their work at The Iron Factory in South Kensington from 17-19 December 2019.

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