April 2020 
Bożena Kociołkowska

Bożena Kociołkowska

dancer | choreographer | teacher

Bożena Kociołkowska

Dancer,   teacher, choreographer. She graduated from the State Secondary Ballet School   in Warsaw in 1960. In 1961, she made her debut in the Grand Theatre in   Warsaw, playing Odette-Odile in Swan   Lake. She worked at the Grand Theatre till 1986 and was brilliant in many   classical and contemporary roles. In 1964–1983, she performed in nearly every   country in Europe, but also in the USA and Cuba. She performed in many films,   TV programmes and performances, including The   Rite of Spring, Orpheus and Eurydice, Salmo gioioso, Claire de   Lune. She received numerous foreign scholarships, among others: Centre   Intemational d'Art Choreographique in Paris, Polucca Schule in Dresden,   Inter-Balet in Budapest, International Ballet in Havana, Ruth Page Foundation   at the School of Dance in Chicago, Centro di Danza in Rome, Giordano Jazz   Dance in Chicago. She collaborated with many outstanding choreographers and   teachers around the world, including: Natalia Konius, Alexei Chichinadze,   Alicia Alonso, Serge Lifar, Birgit Cullberg, Asaf Messerer, Maya Plisetskaya,   Pierre Lacotte, Alberto Mendez, Alfred Rodrigues, Anton Dolin, Leon   Woïzikovsky and others. In 1979 she graduated in pedagogy of dance from the   State Music School (Faculty of Musical Education), and in 1991 from the   Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), in marketing of professional works of art   (postgraduate programme, Faculty of Foreign Trade). In 1981–1996 she created   choreographies for 35 music and drama performances as well as for ballets:   Straussiada, Miscelanea, Little Red Riding Hood. 


In   1992–1993 she was the art director of the State Opera and the ballet of   Baltic Philharmonic; in 1993–1994 she was the art director of the ballet of   the Grand Theatre in Łódź, and in 1994–1995 she was the art director of the   State Ballet School in Warsaw. Since 1998 she has been the art director of   the Secondary Ballet School in Bytom. She also was the artistic and organisational   director of the 1st and 2nd “Dance of the World”   Festival (Gdańsk 1991 and Warsaw 1996) as well as the artistic and   organisational director of the 1st Polish and German Contemporary   Dance Workshops “Dance for tolerance” in Łódź (1994). In 2003 she was the   juror of the International Dance Competition in Brno. She was a teacher of   the Academy of Music in Warsaw (1980), a teacher of the State Secondary   Ballet School in Warsaw (1993), ballet master of Teatro dell' Opera in Rome   (1981–1982), a teacher of ballet schools in Italy, Germany, France, a teacher   of Internationales Tanzprojekt in Aachen, Bielefeld and Bonn (1992),   Internationale Tanzwerkstatt in Bonn (1993), at the 1st World Dance Congres   in San Francisco. She is also a social activist. In 1991–1994 she was the   president of the Ballet Section of ZASP, and in 1992–1998 a member of the   International Commission of Art Dance Networks in Bonn; in 1995–1999 she was   the president of the Choreography Section of ZAiKS. 

Most important parts: 


Odette-Odile   (Swan Lake, 1961, 1966, 1973), Queen of the Copper Mountain (The   Stone Flower 1961), The Girl (Four Temperaments, 1962),   Miller's Wife (The Three-Cornered Hat, 1962), The Girl (Enchanted   Inn 1962), Eurydice (Orpheus, 1963), Soloist (The Rite of Srping,   1965), Bride (Harnasie, 1966), Kitri (Don Quixote, 1967),   Aegina (Spartakus, 1968), Fairy (Cinderella, 1969), Juliet (Romeo   and Juliet, 1975), title role in Miss   Julie (1975), Prima ballerina (Les Sylphides, 1975), Mirta (Giselle,   1976), title role in Fedra (1978)

  Most important awards:


Gold Cross   of Merit (1979), Gold Honourable Mention “For Merit to Warsaw" (1979,   1980), Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (1986), Badge of   Merit to Culture (1989), 1st Level Individual Award of the Centre   for Art Education CEA (2001), Award “Muza 2003” in the category of   culture. 





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