September 2020 

This Saturday: Grand re Union online live

16 September 2020

Grand re Union is a multigenerational international gathering of practitioners, thinkers, writers, scholars and audiences.  The goal of the project is to give space, time and priority to examining, both in practice and through theoretical reflection and discussion, possible ways ofeffective addressing/opposing/resisting current world problems – the crisis precipitated by the growing extremism and the polarization tearing the fabric of inter-human and inter-species relations, and our connection to nature.

Warsaw: August in Warsaw will feature Butohpolis – 2nd International Butoh Art Festival

20 July 2020

Butohpolis – 2nd International Butoh Art Festival, organized by“Akademia Umiejętności Społecznych” Association and Limen Butoh Theatre will take place in Warsaw between 5–12 August 2020. This yearʼs programme is focused on different butoh forms in Europe.


Sylwia Hanff, the Artistic Director of the festival says – “We have invited two of the most prominent European butoh dancers – Yuko Kaseki from Germany and SU-EN from Sweden. We want to present primarily the so-called “new butoh” – different from the classical Japanese butoh and seeking contemporary forms of expression. We also want to present artists working on the border of butoh and other performing arts, such as Anna Ventura Natsuki – an extraordinary artist from Catalonia (France). We also present Polish artists – this year associated with the Limen Butoh Theater. “Butoh Art” is also the space or other than dance forms of art: 3D animation made in motion capture technology by Damian Żak and photography by Sylwia Zawadzka. The festival program includes both stage and outdoor site-specific performances. [...] Due to the pandemic, the Festival, like many other cultural events this year, will partly take place online. Welcome to the City of Butoh – the Butohpolis”.


Poster project: Martyna Wędzicka-Obuchowicz

Body/Mind Festival 2020: Air-like Space

9 July 2020

The 19th Body/Mind Festival has been running since 6 July 2020. The motto of this yearʼs edition is Air-like Space. The patroness of this yearʼs edition is Isadora Duncan, therefore space and air were the key elements around which the content of the 19. Body/Mind Festival has been evolving. However, the final version of the festivalʼs motto emerged already during the pandemic, taking on additional meanings related to the current situation, in which we find ourselves limited to closed spaces and experience a continuous narrowing of physical spaces and, at the same time, we free ourselves and open up to the other, non-physical, dimension. Likewise, the air – seemingly obvious, but suddenly, on the one hand, it was brought down to a life-giving element of breathing and, on the other, it has become a lethal weapon. Different aspects of space and air will be present in all festival works, including the Polish premieres prepared for the autumn by such artists as: Marta Ziółek (Monstera), Ilona Trybuła (Beauty like Air), Paweł Sakowicz (Drama) and Iwona Olszowska (an artistic and social project).

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