September 2020 

Warsaw / Centre for Dance Art: “EKSPRESJE” [Expressions] – Edyta Kozak’s “My own interview@Fanny Panda”/ Agnieszka Bednarz, Paulina Jóźwicka, Kasia Kostrzewa’s “Project: 3 Sisters”

14 September 2016 | 19:00 | Warsaw: Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art, ul. Elektoralna 12. First presentation begins at 7 pm, followed by a second presentation at 8:30 pm.

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From September to December 2016, the Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art will host the Centre for Dance Art’s program EKSPRESJE [EXPRESSIONS]. The project will feature dance performances, workshops, exhibitions and debates. EXPRESSIONS is a regular presentation and promotion of Warsaw-based artists active in danc – both its household names and dancers and choreographers who have recently launched their careers.


The Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw is a pilot program intended to build a fixed venue for contemporary dance and related arts. The general vision of the project has been developed in the course of consultations and a consolidation of the dance community by the Social Dialogue Committee for Dance, and its implementation has been delegated to three organizations representing the Warsaw dance milieu: the ART_committed Foundation, the PERFORM Art Foundation, and the NEW WAVE Theatre Development Foundation. 


7 pm – Body/Mind Foundation, produced by Komuna//Warszawa - Edyta Kozak 

My own interview@Fanny Panda

The piece attempts to create a brand new quality in reinterpreting theater and dance classics. Following in the footsteps of Jérôme Bel, a French choreographer and the author of the concept of non-dance, Kozak approaches dance as a pretext for a meeting and debate on social issues. Opting for a lecture-performance formula, Kozak reveals how the fantasy of looking for a new job for unemployed ballet dancers obscures a tragedy of dancers who have lost the right to earlier retirement pension. Her work is pervaded with the humor and sensibility inspired by Bel’s oeuvre.


8:30 pm - ART_committed Foundation – Agnieszka Bednarz, Paulina Jóźwicka, Kasia Kostrzewa


Project: 3 Sisters

Three sisters, Olga, Masha and Irina, left their home city eleven years ago and came to a small town in Eastern Russia. Their provincial lives have lost their meaning. Boredom, longing, a sense of inactivity. Their nostalgic exclamation, “To Moscow! To Moscow!,” reverberates across the room. Agnieszka Bednarz, Paulina Jóźwicka and Katarzyna Kostrzewa’s performance is a variation on Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, whose text gives the artists a pretense to delve into a whole range of interpersonal relationships which bind three women together. Both the negative ones, which result from their current condition, but mostly the positive ones, which inform their sisterly relationship. The piece is not devoid of humor, drama, and the depth of Chekhovian language.


Coordinator on behalf of the Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art: Magdalena Chabros, tel. 22 586 42 04, 

Tickets: PLN 20


Project partner: Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art

EXPRESSIONS is organised by the Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw, an association of NGO dance organizations.

Financed by the Capital City of Warsaw.



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