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Warszawa/24th International Festival of Performing Arts. CROSSROADS 2018: Anarchy Dance Theatre from Taipei “Second Body”

6 June 2018 | 21:00 | Warsaw: the Club of Warsaw University of Technology “STODOŁA”, ul. Batorego 10

performance presentation

The 24th International Festival of Performing Arts. CROSSROADS 2018 (Two Perspectives on the Human Being. Visual Performances from Paris and Taipei) The Art and Modernity Foundation invites you to the performance Second Body by Anarchy Dance Theatre from Taipei. This is a visual and dance performance which gives an opportunity to experience an unusual perception. During the show the image of movement of the dancer’s body is slowly replaced by the virtual image. Initially the viewers observe the movement of the dancer who examines kinetic capabilities of her body. When her body is completely covered with abstract digital images mapped onto it, one has the impression of watching a light phantom instead of a real person. The creators of the performance, who showed the so-called “unnatural body” by applying digital technology, attempt to redefine the notion of the body. They attract our attention to the influence of technological development on the perception and understanding of the human body and corporeality.


Jeff Chieh – hua Hsieh asks the following questions:

What does the body mean to us? Is what we see with our own eyes the first or the second body?

What is this body that means so much to you? What will human body look like in 2030 ? Or even later, in 2050?


After the first performance there will be a meeting of the choreographer and the author Jeff Chieh-hua HSIEH with the audience, illustrated by the projections of the recordings of the group’s performances.


Concept and choreography:  Jeff Chieh-hua Hsieh

Dancer: Shao-ching Hung

Production: Anarchy Dance Theatre

Design and programming of audiovisuals: Ultra Combos

Sound: Yannick Dauby

Dramaturgy: River Lin

Lighting: We Do Group

System design: Yu-Teh Yang 

Initiator and equipment operator: Yu-Hui Lin

Technical Manager: Wen-Han Yang

Lighting Operator: Hsin-Ting Chen

Acoustics: Nigel Brown

Service and Management of International Projects: AXE Arts Management

Project Support: QA Ring                                                                                     

Project Mentor: Justine Beaujouan

Project Consultant: Kevin Cunningham

Premier in August 2015 in Taipei and European premiere during the Ars Electronica Festival 2015 in Linz

The project ordered by: Quanta Arts Foundation/QA Ring;  

Supported by: Ministry of Culture Taiwan

Financed by: National Culture and Arts Foundation for the 2016-2018 R&D project 


Jeff Chieh-hua Hsieh is an innovative Taiwanese choreographer and architect whose works combine the elements of modern dance and visual arts using digital technology. He completed a postgraduate course at the Institute of Dance and Choreography at the National University of Arts in Taipei. He is interested in exploring human awareness of the body and its relationship with time, space and its surroundings. For his work Gray Mass he received a Taiwanese award in choreography in 2006.


In 2010 he established Anarchy Dance Theatre group and has been directing it since then. Together with the  group they developed their own language of dance and system of body training. The performance Seventh Sense II was regarded as an important event during the Digital Art Festival in Taipei in 2012. The creative search conducted by the artist, which involves performing arts and technology, has evoked a great interest all over the world.


The Anarchy Dance Theatre group creates visual performances and interactive installations. ADT is a platform of cooperation between artists from different fields. It cooperates with the design studio of new media Ultra Combos. The world “anarchy” in the group’s name refers to their first performances which addressed the issues of the role played by the authorities in society. Performances and installations of the group were presented in such countries as: the USA, Great Britain, Holland, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Austria, China and Korea. The performance entitled Second Body was presented in Wrocław, by WRO Centre of Art, and in Paris during the world review of modern dance Rencontres Choregraphiques Internationales de Seine Saint-Denis, among others. The Anarchy Dance Theatre have never been to Warszawa before.


More information about the group’s artistic output:


Shao-ching Hun is a Taiwanese dancer and a graduate from the Institute of Dance and Choreography at the National University of Arts in Taipei. She performed during the Dance Forum in Taipei, among other shows. 


From a review:


“In some respect Anarchy Dance Theatre is a group is equally important for dance experimenting with technology as Troika Ranch or Klaus Obermaier (who cooperates with Ars Electronica Futurelab group). Similarly the Taiwanese are mostly interested in an intermedial combination of dance and digital communication technology. (..) A computer generates an image that we can see on the stage because the projectors which lighten the dancer’s body are the only essential source of light in the third (and the most important) part of the performance.(…) This leads to a situation when we cannot discern between the media-created body and the physical one.(…) Anarchy Dance Theatre prove that dance combined with an interactive installation can be a place of a creative dance expression which blurs the boundaries between what is real and what is virtual, i.e. dance without a division into virtual and actual reality. (..) In the third part of the performance the emphasis is placed on the presentation of the relationship between the body and the multimedia.(…) Application of several projectors, Kinect movement sensors and the software created especially for the performance made it possible to show the images in such a way that the whole dancer’s body was covered with the visualisation which followed her moves and responded to her gestures.(…) According to the Taiwanese, gesture means not merely an action of the body in space but (in their practice) it also means using a computer system: the interactive installation. Thus, Hung in Second Body is not only a dancer but also a user of the installation.(…) This intermedial tension between a performing technique and computer technology facilitates the third asset of the Taiwanese  performance, i.e. an interesting concept of the body in the times of hybridization, as media researchers say, when daily life consists equally of what is real and what is virtual.(…) According to the creators of Second Body, this “hybrid breakthrough” entails the need for new techniques of representing the body, both in art and in the web. Thus, the artistic oeuvre of the Taiwanese group is interesting both from the perspective of dance techniques or media technology, and also from the perspective of body philosophy and corporeality in the modern media times. Anarchy Dance Theatre are interested in how the modern body expression can change under the influence of digital communication technology. This issue is also addressed by philosophers such as Richard Shusterman (…) The American researcher often emphasized that we are not able to perceive our bodies as a whole, but only in fragments and only by using media. Thereby, a contemporary relationship between the body and media undergoes dynamic changes and the human body has been transformed from being a medium (…) into “a media centre”.(…)… it is worth assessing the works of Anarchy Dance Theatre not as single performances but as a bigger artistic and research project which presents technology and a concept of applying it on the stage. In this respect the activity of the Taiwanese group presents an innovative approach towards the body and media in performing arts.”                    

Fragments of the article by Jakub Kłeczek Taniec w czasach hybrydyczności . Medialny performans Anarchy Dance Theatre, “Didaskalia” no. 136/2016.






Ticket purchase information:   


Festival organiser:  The Art and Modernity Foundation


Partners: The Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy, Collegium Nobilium Theatre,  Stodoła Club, PPAS ŚWIATŁO I DŹWIĘK,  CRAFTMAN


The Festival was organised thanks to the financial support from the budget of Warszawa capital city.


Media Patrons: “Teatr”,,,  Radio “Dla Ciebie”,  Radio “Kampus”, “Dla Was” Theatre,  TANIEC magazine.


The Art and Modernity Foundation supports the Centre of Dance Art in Warsaw.




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