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Tomasz Bazan

dancer | choreographer

Tomasz Bazan is a dancer, director and choreographer. He works at Lublin’s Centre of Culture, where he leads Maat Projekt Theatre and Maat Festival dedicated to international dance and movement, both of which he founded, in 2004 and 2009, respectively. As of the beginning of 2013 the festival changed its formula becoming an international residency programme to last all year round and culminate in December 2014, allowing audiences to enjoy different artists’ work one after another.


Tomasz Bazan is member of the Kunst Gillian Gallery Berlin. He holds a degree in culture studies from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, having majored in criticism and promotion of plastic art pieces. He studied dance and other physical techniques with many great dancers and martial arts masters.


The independent Maat Projekt Theatre, which Bazan has been leading since 2004, follows an original physical training and cultural explorations. The theatre is looking to find a body language synthesising visual arts and performance art tools. Maat Theatre is about discovering energies which set body tissues in movement and filtering them with technique, which nevertheless never becomes the primary factor. With the theatre’s group of collaborators changing its makeup, the theatre has been developing different productions, drawing on shared experience and community between the members. As their primary means of expression the artists have chosen experiments with different body movement techniques with a particular focus on intuitive dance and searching for a European context for butoh. With Maat Theatre, Bazan has realised such pieces as Wake up in the evening (shown at the Polish Dance Platform 2010), or Indukcje (featuring one of Poland’s leading actors Jacek Poniedziałek). The 2012 Maat Festival, taking place in conjunction with the festival Theatre Confrontations, saw the premiere of ORLANDO, also featuring Jacek Poniedziałek, based on texts by Virginia Woolf and dramaturge Szczepan Orłowski.


Besides his work with Maat Theatre, Bazan collaborates with a range of other theatres, dancers, choreographers and directors in Poland and abroad, choreographing performances and designing stage movement for dramatic theatres. The list of his collaborations includes: Krzysztof Warlikowski’s Nowy Teatr in Warsaw (Renate Jett, Jacek Poniedziałek), Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” in Lublin, Kunst Gillian Gallery in Berlin, Dance Art Now in London, Compagne le Sablier of France, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera in Warsaw, Art Stations Foundation at Stary Browar in Poznań, Teatr Provisorium in Lublin (The Brothers Karamazov directed by Janusz Opryński, 2011), Teatr Dramatyczny in Warsaw (Madame Bovary directed by Radosław Rychcik, 2010), Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw (Kamień i popioły directed by Artur Urbański, 2010, based on Daniel Danis’ Cendres de cailloux) and many more.


Tomasz Bazan has also realised a range of projects oscillating around performance, happening, an collective installation, which have been shown at many high-profile venues across Poland and abroad (Germany, Norway, Ukraine, France, Slovakia), becoming with time recognisable for their specific style.


In 2008 Tomasz Bazan became a resident of the programme for young choreographers Solo Projekt in Poznan, which allowed him to create his solo Lang (Art Stations Foundation, Stary Browar Nowy Taniec); in 2011 he was awarded an artistic scholarship from Poland’s Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


His latest premiere was  Station de Corps – a minimalist treatise on the body and meeting the other, brought to life by Bazan in collaboration with Patrycja Płanik and Paweł Korbus. The piece has been shown at the Polish Dance Platform in 2012 and other dance and theatre festivals in Poland, e.g. the Alternative Theatre Meetings KLAMRA in Toruń, or the Contemporary Dance Festival KROKI in Kraków).



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