January 2021 
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Gosia Mielech

dancer | choreographer

Małgorzata Mielech is a choreographer, dancer, GaGa instructor and educator. She graduated from the Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska Ballet School (2007) and Gaga Teacher’s Training Course w (2018) under the artistic direction of Bosmat Nossan and Saar Harari and mentoring assistance of Ohad Naharin. In 1999 – 2007 she danced in ballet performances of Poznań Grand Theatre.


As a soloist of the Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań between 2007–2012, she had a chance to dance in a range of pieces by Polish and international choreographers, including Ohad Naharin (Minus 2), Yossi Berg (Wo-man in Tomatoes), Jacek Przybyłowicz (Barocco, The Dove’s Necklace),  Ewa Wycichowska (Spring–Effatha, FootBall@, B@ttle Between Carnival And Lent), Gunhild Bjørnsgaard (Winter – A Silent Sleep), Susanne Jaresand (En face), Paulina Wycichowska (Desert, Alexanderplatz), Andrzej Adamczak (Permanentnie przypadkowe, or Permanently Accidental), Thierry Verger (Summer – Red Sun). During her work in the Polish Dance Theatre, together with Zofia Jakubiec and Paweł Matyasik she also co-created Voracity presented at festivals in Poland and abroad.


Daily she works in DanceLab – an artistic project that she initiated in 2012. Since the beginning of the company’s existence, Mielech created the following performances: Sababa, Anonymous, I’mperfect and NILREB. NILREB that was presented at Uferstudios in Berlin. The presentation of NILREB. NILREB summed up the artistic residency granted to Gosia Mielech and Zofia Jakubiec by the Institute of Music and Dance and Mica Moca Project in Berlin. Within her work at DanceLab, Gosia Mielech has also invited guest choreographers, such as Shi Pratt, who choreographed We Bleed The Same Color for DanceLab.


Mielech presents her performances in Poland (Warsaw, Poznań, Cracow, Wrocław) and abroad (London, Lisbon, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Berlin, Moss, Nürnberg).


As an independent artist, Mielech was a co-creator of the solo dance piece Sacre directed by  Krzysztof Raczkowski (2013). Sacre was presented at the 8th Spring Festival and 10th Ballet Spring; both events were organised by the Grand Theatre in Poznań.


She is engaged in numerous prestigious artistic activities and projects. She co-operated with the Dutch-Israeli duo – Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben. She danced in Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben’s most recent productions and in their older repertoire. She also took part in the Collective Jumps project choreographed by Isabelle Schad (2014) that was created within the performative programme of Old Brewery New Dance organised by Art Stations Foundation. Mielech participated also in the multimedia dance performance Xenophony. Symphony for the Other directed by Jan Komasa and premiered at the Malta Festival in Poznań (2016).


She is artistically involved in various interdisciplinary artistic projects, both as a performer and choreographer, she also serves as an artistic counsellor for music videos and photo sessions. She co-operates with, among others: Ray Wilson, Apparat and DJ An on Bast.


As a teacher, Mielech teaches DanceLab repertory at various festivals in Poland and abroad. She also gives classes is GaGa, contemporary dance, improvisation in such places as New Zealand, ,Germany, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Scotland, France, Austria, Thailand, Israel. As guest teacher she co-operates with Scottish Dance Theatre, Regionteater Väst in Sweden and Bangkok City Ballet, among others.


She created GoPiYoga – a unique form of movement designed (not only) for dancers.


Mielech received an award for “the most abstract idea” at Licht.Blicke Festival in Nürnberg.





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