July 2021 
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Joanna Leśnierowska

curator | dramatist | critic

Joanna Leśnierowska – curator,   dramatist, critic. Born on 21 January 1976 in Poznań. After graduating in   theatre science at the Jagiellonian University and short work at Poznań Nowy   Theatre, she created perhaps the most complex, carefully planned and at the   same time – most successful art project in the field of Polish contemporary   dance of the 21th century: Old Brewery New Dance which since 2004 has   combined presentation, production, educational and promotional activities. It   is hard to imagine this project without Leśnierowska. Financed by Grażyna   Kulczyk’s foundation (currently – Art Stations Foundation), the programme   covers e.g. Alternative Dance Academy – a series of regular workshops with   outstanding authors and teachers. Jonathan Burrows’ words are Leśnierowska's   motto: “One needs two legs, two hands and, most of all, a head to create a   dance”. Old Brewery New Dance programme has therefore its characteristic   profile – it focuses on critic dance, usually of a very intellectual   character, sometimes erroneously regarded as conceptual choreography. At the   same time, numerous projects carried out in collaboration with Stary Browar   went beyond these assumptions, serving artists of various aesthetics and   audiences interested in widely understood dance theatre, say.


As a student, Leśnierowska made   her cirtic debut; her works, published mainly in “Didaskalia”, discussed both   Western stars and the situation of Polish dance. She also published in   magazines abroad – for instance in German "Theater der Zeit”, Israeli   "Dance Today” or Czech “Taneční Zóna”. She is the author of a section   dedicated to dance theatre in Dictionary   of theatre science (Słownik wiedzy   o teatrze), edited by D. Kosiński, A.Wypych-Gawrońska and A. Stafiej. She   gave theatre science classes at the Jagiellonian University; currently she is   a lecturer at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.


As a curator, she promoted a whole   generation of dancers and choreographers. Participation in“ Solo Project”,   Stary Browar’s residence programme, was an important step in career for many   of them. Since 2006 she has been responsible for Old Brewery New Dance   section at Malta Festival in Poznań. She invited for the festival Burrows,   Charmatz, Rainer, Xavier Le Roy and Eszer Salamon, to name a few. In 2008,   she re-launched the Polish Dance Platform, in collaboration Anna Hryniewska   and “Zamek” Culture Centre. Two following editions of the Platform took place   in Poznań.


She is a member and co-founder of   the European Dance Houses Network (EDN); she is also a member of Aerowaves dance   performance network. The “towarzystwo gimnastyczne” association, founded by   her and Natalia Draganik, is a partner of DanceWeb Europe seated in Vienna.


As a dancer, Joanna Leśnierowska performed in   productions of “towarzystwo gimnastyczne” – Obcojęzyczność and Nic; she also took part in   Marysia Stokłosa’s project Right Hemisphere where she was responsible   for narration. She also performed in Unknown.Seans by Renata Piotrowska. On 13 September 2011 the   premiere of Rekonstrukcja (choreography   by Leśnierowska) took place. Aleksandra Borys and Janusz Orlik as well   as Leśnierowska performed in the performance. Currently, Hungarian   choreographer Márta Ladjánszki works on a solo with Leśnierowska. 



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