July 2021 
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people | G

Patryk Gacki

dancer | choreographer

Patryk Gacki is a dancer and choreographer. He debuted on stage in Jarosław Staniek 12 Ławek at the Danuta Baduszkowa Theatre in Gdynia. He co-founded DzikiStyl Company, whose productions (Dzieci innego Boga, Streetwise, Qveldriga, The Great...

Małgorzata Gajdemska

dancer | choreographer

 Małgorzata Gajdemska is a choreographer, dancer, performer, and dance educator. A graduate of choreography in Cracow, she has also completed the instructor course Improvisation movement and body symbolism at Institut fur Tanz und Bewegungsdynamik in Essen (Germany), the...

Helena Ganjalyan

actress | dancer | choreographer

Helena Ganjalyan – actress, dancer, choreographer. She graduated from the Ludwik Solski State Theatre School in Cracow, Dance Theatre Department in Bytom (2013) and participated in an exchange program with the University of Northern Iowa Department of...

Karolina Garbacik

Karolina Garbacik − choreographer, dancer, dance teacher and promoter of dance events. One of the most important figures and dance artists in Białystok.   As a dancer she preformed in performances of Project Dance Theatre, including...

Katarzyna K. Gardzina


Katarzyna K. Gardzina (previously also: Gardzina-Kubała) – journalist, music and ballet critic, a specialist in Russian studies. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Linguistics and East Slavonic Studies in 2000 and completed a post-graduate course...

Ewa Garniec

lighting designer

Ewa Garniec – lighting and set designer, theatre theorist (Theatre Studies at the Drama School in Warsaw). She cooperates both with contemporary dance theatres and drama,  music and opera theatres. Since 2004 she has regularly cooperated...

Olga Gawlik

O;ga Gawlik – she graduated from dance schools in Poland (Culture Promoter and Librarian Studio SKIBA), Denmark (Popular University Vestjyllands) and Israel (Adama Dance School). She hones her skills and broadens her knowledge by participating in...

Katarzyna Gdaniec

dancer | choreographer

Katarzyna Gdaniec (b. in Gdańsk) is a choreographer, dancer and pedagogue. She dedicated herself to artistic gymnastics from the age of eight and won the Artistic Gymnastics European Junior Championships. She then studied at the Academy...

Angelika Gembiak


Angelika Gembiak – a ballet soloist in the Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz. She was born in Gdańsk where she graduated from the Secondary Ballet School (2007). As a student, she made the following achievements: 3rd place...

Jacek Gębura

choreographer | dancer

Jacek Gębura is a dancer and choreographer; since 1990, has worked for the Capitol Music Theatre in Wrocław, where he has been the ballet director of the Capitol Dance Stage since 2008.   As part of...

Jerzy Gęsikowski


Jerzy Gęsikowski is a soloist of the Grand Theatre in Łódź. He graduated from the State Ballet School in Bytom in 1987. In 1996 he became a soloist of the Łódź ballet. With the company he...

Iwona Gilarska

dancer | choreographer

Iwona Gilarska – dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Graduated from the University School for Physical Education in Poznań and a three-year Contemporary Dance Studio of Zamek Culture Centre in Poznań (1991–1995). She received Certificate of Professional...

Beata Giza


Beata Giza – a dancer in the Baltic Dance Theatre. She graduated from Roman Turczynowicz's Comprehensive Ballet School in Warsaw. In 1998 she received an artistic scholarship from the Fundacja Balet (Ballet Foundation). After graduating she...

Ewa Głowacka

Ewa Głowacka - Odette-Odile, a fragile Giselle, Sylphide, a majestic Lilac Fairy and the Snow Queen, a passionate Carmen – these are only few of amazing roles played by Ewa Głowacka. Her impeccable technique, charm, elegance...

Anna Godowska

dancer | choreographer

Anna Godowska – dancer, choreographer, contemporary dance teacher, co-founder of Bretoncaffe Theatre. She completed a qualifying course of contemporary dance organized by the Centre for Culture Promotion in Warsaw (1996). In 1995–1997 she was a soloist of...

Helena Gołąb

dancer | choreographer

Helena Gołąb – dancer and choreographer, currently she leaves in Bilbao (Spain). She graduated in dance from the State Post-Secondary Studio for Culture Promoters and Librarians in Opole. Then she graduated in dance studies at SNDO (School...

Arkadiusz Gołygowski


Arkadiusz Gołygowski is a soloist of the Polish National Ballet. He graduated from the Feliks Parnell Ballet School in Łódź. In 1984 he won the Third Prize at the 5th Polish National Dance Competition in Gdańsk. Next year...

Adam Grabarczyk

Adam Grabarczyk - a soloist of the Grand Theatre in Poznań. He graduated from the Feliks Parnell Ballet School in Łódź. He graduated in ballet pedagogy from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Since...

Artur Grabarczyk

dancer | choreographer | teacher

Artur Grabarczyk is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and filmmaker. He graduated from the Gdańsk Ballet School and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds (UK), where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He has...

Anna Grabka

Anna Grabka - an outstanding dancer. She was born in Szczecin. She graduated from the Ballet School in Warsaw (1980). In 1973, as a student, she played at the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw the leading part...

Paweł Grala

dancer | teacher

Paweł Grala is a dancer, dance teacher, and improviser. He graduated from the Pedagogical Academy in Łódź, and holds degrees in choreography and dance techniques from the Academy of Music in Łódź, as well as culture studies...

Witold Gruca

dancer | choreographer

Witold Gruca -  dancer and choreographer born on 15 August 1927, died on 11 July 2009. In 1941–48 he was a student of private dance schools in Kraków and Drama Studio of Stary Theatre. In the...

Wojciech Grudziński

dancer | choreographer

Wojciech Grudziński (b. 1991) is a dancer and choreographer. He graduated from the Roman Turczynowicz Ballet School in Warsaw and the faculty of contemporary dance at the CODARTS – Rotterdam Dance Academy in Holland. He was...

Anna Gruszka

teacher | dancer

Anna Gruszka – soloist, teacher, assistant choreographer and head of the Arts Department of the Polish Dance Theatre with which she has worked since 1993. She graduated from the Ballet School in Łódź and the University...

Monika Grzelak

dancer | choreographer

Monika Grzelak – S-Class Dancer in Latin style dances, choreographer, instructor and ballroom dance judge of the Polish Dance Federation. World Vice-champion in mambo, Polish champion in salsa and mambo. In 2001–2009 she run Dance Studio...

Arkadiusz Gumny


Arkadiusz Gumny - ballet soloist of the Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań. Graduate of the Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska Ballet School in Poznań. In 1998, after graduating, he joined the Grand Theatre in Poznań where he became a...

Joel Mesa Gutierrez


Joel Mesa Gutierrez – dancer. Born in Barcelona. In 2012, he graduated from Institut del Teatre, major: contemporary dance. Later, he studied in Verve (Leeds, the UK) in Postgraduate Performance Company, where he cooperated with such...

Ewelina Guzik

dancer | choreographer

Ewelina Guzik – dancer, choreographer. In 1991–1996 she danced in Experimental Dance Studio EST in Kraków managed by Iwona Olszowska. In 1999 she graduated from the contemporary dance school P.A.R.T.S. of Anna Theresa De Keersmaeker in Brussel....

Baśka Gwóźdź

dancer | choreographer

Baśka Gwóźdź is a dancer and choreographer. She graduated from the College of Voice and Dance affiliated with the Musical Theatre in Gliwice, and has earned a degree in culture studies (specialisation: art management) from the University...
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